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Up to Their Old Trix

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Here's proof that voting with your dollars counts! General Mills has announced that they are bringing back "Classic Trix" with the familiar neon colors that were the hallmark of this sugary breakfast cereal (along with, in my opinion, its annoying bunny).

As a Health Coach, one of my goals is to change the landscape of the quality of food that is provided by helping change the demand. Let's face it - the first priority for a company is to make money, not protect the public health. Sure, there are a growing number of socially conscious companies out ‚Äčthere, and if they can do both, they will. If consumers demand organic vegetables and non-GMO products and a company can profit from that demand, they will respond and produce what consumers want to buy.

I was encouraged when a 2014 report from the marketing research firm Nielsen showed that 60% of Americans found a lack of artificial colors and flavors an important factor when making food purchases. In the years immediately following the release of this report, major companies announced changes to the recipes of their most popular products, including Kraft Mac and Cheese, Taco Bell Nacho Cheese, and you guessed it - General Mills Trix.

Clearly, this was evidence that demand drives supply and that by putting our money where our mouth is (almost literally) we can begin to reverse the health epidemics plaguing our nation, and increasingly our world, as a result of our Standard American Diet.

But sadly, enough customers complained that they missed their neon-colored cereal colored with Red 40 and Yellow 6 instead of the new colors resulting from turmeric and annatto, that General Mills is giving the public what it wants by putting "Classic Trix" back on the shelves in October (2018). One customer tweet said, "Why did you guys decide to ruin my childhood cereal?"

So, while progress is being made in educating consumers about healthy choices and what to buy, it seems we have a long way to go.

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